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Checked Bag Screening


Sydney Airport has spent $90 million on upgrading the baggage systems at T1 and T2 to meet the Australian Government’s requirements for 100 per cent checked bag screening.

100 per cent checked bag screening involves screening every bag to ensure that any bag containing explosives is detected and not placed in the hold of an aircraft.

To achieve this, reliable mechanisms for screening every bag before it is loaded onto a flight must be in place.

Checked bag screening is an important part of the security procedures that operate at Sydney Airport. The security screening system includes in-line x-ray units and conveyors.

The checked bag screening system provides security screening for hold stow bags on international and domestic flights including:

  • Bags from the check-in counters
  • Transfer bags from regional, domestic or international flights
  • Oversized bags

The checked bag screening system at Sydney Airport has been designed to screen thousands of bags every hour.