Service Standards

Our Service Standards provide practical examples of the level of service expected from the entire airport community. These are used to guide day-to-day interactions with customers and ensure a great airport experience.

As a member of the Sydney Airport community, I will:

  • Work together with others to offer a world-class experience for our customers, including ensuring a timely facilitation of customers and baggage through the terminal.
  • Take pride in my environment and be aware of security and safety at all times. Respond to and report safety, security, maintenance, cleanliness and operational concerns immediately.
  • Acknowledge customers in a friendly manner, even as I walk through the terminal. Be proactive in offering directions or assistance to people visiting the airport and be aware of the cultural needs of our diverse customer base.
  • Ensure my knowledge of the products and services available at, or offered by, Sydney Airport is up to date, and respond to customer enquiries accordingly
  • Ensure all details of my business, products and services, including contact details, are kept up to date through relevant tools (e.g. website, app) and infrastructure (e.g. signs).
  • Always be ready and willing to respond to customers. View customer feedback as an opportunity to improve and action appropriately in a timely manner.

We welcome feedback on your airport experience.