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Community, Environment & Planning

Sydney Airport is Australia’s major gateway to the world and our nation’s premier airport. The airport connects Sydney – Australia’s only global city – and NSW – Australia’s most populous state – to other cities and regions across Australia.

Being only 8km from Sydney’s Central Business District, and located on the shores of one of our most significant waterways – Botany Bay – Sydney Airport Corporation Limited recognises its responsibility to manage Sydney Airport in a sustainable manner for the benefit of people in Sydney, NSW and Australia.

Consistent with its Environment Policy, Sydney Airport is committed to the following environmental principles:

  • Sustainability: by adopting measures to conserve natural resources and energy, reducing impacts on the environment, and considering the ecological, social and economic implications of our actions.
  • Knowledge and awareness: by developing and maintaining a broad-based understanding of the sources of environmental impact of our operations, both on and off the airport, using, where necessary, research, education and awareness training.
  • Continual improvement: by striving to continually improve our environmental performance.
  • Community involvement: by developing and maintaining strong links with our local community and all key stakeholders involved with Sydney Airport.
  • Pollution control: by implementing pro-active and effective measures to minimise pollution and reduce environmental impacts.
  • Compliance: by complying with all applicable environmental laws, policies and standards and, where possible, exceeding the requirements imposed by them.
  • Systematic management: by developing, implementing and maintaining an Environmental Management System, rigorously assessing the environmental impacts of development proposals, and implementing comprehensive environmental management strategies and plans.

A Community and Stakeholder Engagement Program has also been adopted which aims to ensure that Sydney Airport:

  • Genuinely consults and engages with the local community, their elected representatives and other stakeholders about the operation of, proposed development at and future planning for Sydney Airport, and
  • Works cooperatively with Australian and NSW Government agencies, local governments and other organisations that have roles and responsibilities involving or affecting Sydney Airport.