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Sydney Trains has planned track maintenance this weekend. Buses will replace trains on the Airport Line from 2am, Saturday, 26 April to 2am, Monday, 28 April. More information.

Aviation Community

This page is dedicated to members of the aviation community interested in the movement of aircraft, flight arrivals and departures, destinations and distances and those who enjoy sharing their passion with other plane spotters.

We welcome your suggestions and ideas, so please email us at yssy.planespotter@syd.com.au.

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Get Your Camera And Tripods Ready!

Make sure you download the free Sydney Airport app for your iPhone or Android device to keep you up to date when each aircraft is arriving / departing Sydney! 

  • An All Nippon Airways (NH) charter will arrive 20 March and depart 21 March.  Aircraft type B777-300ER and registration JA788A.  Inbound flight NH1954 arrives at 1700.  Outbound flight NH1970 departs at 2135. 

Plane Spotting Locations

  • 25 Threshold
  • Lady Robinson’s Beach "The Beach"
  • Hammond Place
  • Qantas Drive
  • Sheps Hill (Tower Mound)

Rydges Sydney Airport

The Hotel has a private conference room called the ‘Dreamliner’ located on level 9 of the hotel, there is a small outside viewing deck which can be can be used as a viewing area at a minimal fee paid at the Hotel reception on arrival. Please note this space is strictly subject to availability and opening times to this space will posted on the Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel Facebook page daily.  The prices are as follows:

  • Individual pass - $10 per person including a beverage from Touch & Go Café & plane spotter fact sheet  
  • Family pass – 2 Adults & 2 Children $30 includes beverage from Touch & Go Café and plane spotter fact sheet

More information can be found on the Rydges Sydney Airport Hotel planespotting page.

Aircraft Registrations 

Aircraft are allocated a registration code similar to the issue of a licence plate for a motor vehicle.  This registration code is recorded with the government and aircraft owners. There are websites online to track the aircrafts’ past history as airlines trade aircraft when they are no longer required in their fleet. All Australian aircrafts (Qantas Airways, Virgin Australia, Jetstar Airways and Regional Express) have the registration VH, followed by three letters. No two aircraft have the same registration code.

Certain airlines will add an identification mark to their aircraft to identify them within the fleet. These can be represented in numeric or alphabetical form.


Registration: VH-XFB
Manufacturer: Airbus
Model: A330 - 243
Built: 2000
Delivery / First registered in Australia:

19 April 2011 

Aircraft Types 

Sydney Airport hosts a variety of aircraft each day including Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, Saab and on occasion, military aircraft.  

Security and Restricted Areas

Warning signs are installed to restrict entry to these areas. Please adhere to these notices so that we can continue to enjoy the privilege of close up plane spotting.

Location Information   

  • Identifier:  IATA/FAA: SYD ICAO: YSSY
  • Latitude / Longitude: -33.946111 / 151.177222
  • Elevation: 21 feet
  • From city: eight kilometres
  • Time zone: GMT + 11 (2 October 2011 - 1 April 2012);  standard time GMT + 10; daylight saving GMT + 11
  • Postcode: 2020


  • 16R/34L - main north south runway (3,962 metres)
  • 16L/34R - parallel north south runway (2,438 metres)
  • 07/25 - east west runway (2,530 metres)
  • All runways are 45m wide, however only the main and east west runways can accept the largest aircraft at Sydney, the A380. The third runway can accept all other aircraft types that frequent Sydney.
  • Only Runway 16R/34L has centreline lighting. Runways 16L and 16R have High Intensity Approach Lighting.
  • The parallel runways are 1037 metres apart.
  • There is a six-metre difference in elevation between the highest and lowest points of the main runway 16R/34L.

Taxiway Breakdown

  • At nearly four kilometres long, Taxiway Alpha is the longest taxiway on the airport and is the primary taxiway on the western side of the main runway, servicing the international terminal and full length departures off Runway 34L.  For noise abatement purposes, all jet aircraft must use the full length of Runway 34L for departure.
  • Taxiways Bravo and Charlie are the two main north/south taxiways on the domestic side of the airport and also provide access to the third runway precinct.
  • Taxiway Tango is the primary taxiway servicing the third runway.
  • Taxiway Golf runs the full length of Runway 07/25 and is the primary taxiway servicing that runway.

Did you know

  • To taxi from Qantas Bay 1 to Taxiway Tango-6 holding point is 5.1km, which may be the longest domestic taxi route in Australia. All taxiway entry points with runways at Sydney Airport have red stop bar lights to help prevent runway incursions by aircraft and vehicles.

Flight Schedules

Historical Aerial Images of Sydney Airport  

Radio Frequencies 


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