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Airport Carbon Accreditation

Sydney Airport is Airport Carbon Accredited

As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, Sydney Airport successfully became Airport Carbon Accredited by Airports Council International (ACI) under its carbon standard for airports in May 2014. We were awarded Level 2 certification in August 2015 and Level 3 in 2016.

In order to achieve certification at Level 3 (Optimisation), we were required to map the various sources of CO2 emissions for the whole airport site and then have this carbon footprint independently verified. In addition, we were required to demonstrate a reduction in our carbon footprint by analysing the carbon emissions data of three consecutive years and engage with our business partners to support their efforts to reduce their own emissions.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is an international certification program designed to assess and acknowledge airport efforts to manage and reduce carbon emissions.

History of Airport Carbon Accreditation

In 2008, Sydney Airport signed the Global Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change. Signing the agreement was an important demonstration of aviation’s worldwide voluntary commitment to researching and introducing technological, operational and efficiency advances that will reduce aviation’s contribution to climate change and reduce its impact on the environment.

Following the Global Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change, the Airports Council International (ACI) Europe made a commitment to assist member airports to assess and reduce their carbon footprint through Airport Carbon Accreditation. The program was launched in June 2009 and enables airports to implement carbon management processes and gain public recognition of their achievements through the attainment of accreditation at different program levels.

The overall aim of the Airport Carbon Accreditation is to provide recognition of improved performance in carbon and energy management and to encourage the development of management practices that support the principles of Carbon Neutrality in line with policies adopted by the ACI World’s General Assembly in November 2007. Airport Carbon Accreditation assists airports in taking steps toward achieving the objectives of the Global Aviation Industry Commitment to Action on Climate Change.

Airport Carbon Accreditation is the only industry-specific, performance-based, voluntary and institutionally-endorsed accreditation label designed specifically for airports. The four levels of accreditation enable all airports to participate at different stages on their journey to carbon neutrality.

Sydney Airport’s Carbon Footprint

Sydney Airport has mapped its carbon footprint, in particular scope 1 and 2 emissions, for a number of years and reported this information to the Australian Government through the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007. 

We are committed to reducing our scope 1 and 2 carbon footprint, which are the emissions that we have direct control over. More than 98 per cent of our carbon footprint comprises electricity and gas, used for heating, cooling and lighting within the T1 international terminal and T2 domestic terminal.

Sydney Airport has developed an energy strategy – Energy and Carbon Strategy 2013+ and a savings plan – Energy Savings and Carbon Reduction Plan 2015-2020. The strategy includes nine strategic elements that form an energy roadmap. These elements structure and guide the way forward for sustainable energy use. The plan complements the energy strategy and identifies new energy savings, greenhouse gas emission reduction and opportunities for greater energy efficiency .

Airport Carbon Accreditation recognises work already carried out by Sydney Airport and supports our target of carbon neutral growth from 2020. Being part of the program ensures Sydney Airport’s commitment and action on climate change is consistent with other major airports within the Asia-Pacific region. Sydney Airport can now demonstrate that it is contributing to the voluntary action the aviation industry is taking to reduce its impact on the environment and to grow sustainably.

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