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Annual Obstacle Monitoring Survey


‘Type A’ Charts

As a requirement of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Manual of Standards (MOS Part 139 Sect 7.2) and Sydney Airport’s Airport Operations Manual, an annual instrument survey of the Approach, Take off and Transitional Surfaces of all runways is conducted at Sydney Airport.

This survey is conducted in the final quarter of each year and the ‘Type A’ results published in the form of plans and charts, after the first quarter of the following year.

The 2014 survey results have been published and Type ‘A’ charts (xls) and plans (pdf) are now available.

Click here for access to Type ‘A’ Charts and Plans

Registration for future publications

To meet Sydney Airport’s obligations (MOS Part 139 Sect 7.2), it is requested that your details be supplied to assist with notifications of future published documents throughout 2014.

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