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Preliminary draft Major Development Plan

Ground Transport Solutions

Preliminary draft Major Development Plan

Sydney Airport has prepared and is publicly exhibiting the T2/T3 Ground Transport Access and Hotel preliminary draft Major Development Plan (the pdMDP).

Click here to download a copy of the pdMDP.

Click here for details about the consultation process and how to make a submission.

In summary, the proposed ground transport solutions addressed in the pdMDP are:

  • development of a one-way road system within the T2/T3 precinct by:
    • constructing a new road connecting Shiers Avenue to Qantas Drive (the extension of Seventh Avenue) through the current Southern Hangar Line adjacent to the Jet Base to link with a reconfigured intersection and a recommended change of direction for the south-western section of Robey Street to one-way northbound; and
    • reconfiguration of Sir Reginald Ansett Drive to provide one-way entry southbound to the precinct from Joyce Drive, Qantas Drive and a recommended one-way southbound reconfiguration of O’Riordan Street south of the Robey Street intersection.
  • development of a multi-level Ground Transport Interchange to the east of the Seventh Street extension that includes:
    • a bus and coach facility at ground level that accommodates public buses, including the recently introduced double decker public buses;
    • multi-modal parking and storage in the upper levels for approximately 5,500 vehicles;
    • access to and exit from the new one-way road system and Ninth Street; and
    • a quick turnaround (QTA) facility for rental cars.
  • widening of Qantas Drive between Robey Street and O’Riordan Street to three lanes in both directions and associated turning lanes;
  • other localised changes to the T2/T3 precinct roadway system; and
  • development of a 4 to 5 star hotel of approximately 430 rooms on a site bounded by Seventh Street extension, Qantas Drive, Ninth Street and the northern side of the proposed Ground Transport Interchange.