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26 September 2013
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Sydney Airport provides project grants worth up to $5000 each to 16 local schools under 2013 School Grants Program.

  • Sydney Airport provides project grants worth up to $5000 each to 16 local schools under 2013 School Grants Program
  • Grants will fund environmental projects, gardens and sports/playground equipment
  • Sydney Airport proudly supports local schools and the community
Sydney Airport today announced the recipients of its 2013 School Grants Program, which supports local schools by providing funds for school-based environmental and educational initiatives.

“Sydney Airport is proud to provide close to $80,000 this year to schools in our local areas through our School Grants Program,” Sydney Airport Chief Executive Officer, Kerrie Mather, said.

“We feel privileged to be supporting our local schools. These funds will go towards projects that offer a direct benefit to students and teachers within the local school community.

“Sydney Airport generates and facilitates almost 285,000 jobs, both directly on-airport and many in the local communities surrounding the airport.

“This year’s successful projects include playground, sports and music equipment; outdoor learning spaces; recycling initiatives; environmentally efficient lighting; and native, vegetable and kitchen gardens.”

Now in its twelfth year, the school projects to receive funding from Sydney Airport in 2013 are:

  • Arncliffe Public School: $5000 to enhance the existing vegetable garden with an additional sensory garden for water harvesting;
  • Arncliffe West Infants School: $5000 to enhance the Belonging, Being, Becoming program which includes a native garden;
  • Bexley Public School: $4665 to upgrade lighting in the school library to LED efficient lighting;
  • Botany Public School: $5000 to rejuvenate and revitalise its environmental garden;
  • Cairnsfoot School: $4970 to install a gong drum for students with physical and intellectual disabilities;
  • Camdenville Public School: $5000 to develop an outdoor learning space in the school’s community garden;
  • Carlton South Public School: $5000 to purchase playground equipment for the school;
  • Georges River College Oatley: $5000 to establish a recycling program to reduce waste in the school;
  • Kurnell Public School: $5000 to establish a vegetable garden in the school’s grounds;
  • Lewisham Public School: $5000 to upgrade play equipment and develop murals;
  • Newtown Public School: $5000 to rejuvenate and revegetate the school playground;
  • Playful Beginnings Aboriginal Corporation: $5000 to establish the Caring for Country with Boandik Kids program which targets 20 early learning centres, including developing native gardens;
  • Ramsgate Public School: $5000 to create a study and relaxation space for students including native trees and plants;
  • Soldier’s Settlement Public School: $5000 to expand the school’s leafy green garden and develop its native trail;
  • St Pius’ School: $5000 to build the school’s soccer pitch; and
  • Tempe Public School: $5000 for the school’s playground project which includes playground equipment and establishing a native garden.
Sydney Airport has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to school and community projects through its School Grants Program over the past 12 years.

For more information on Sydney Airport’s 2013 School Grants Program visit www.sydneyairport.com.au

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