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Passenger Screening

  • aviation security

The following security information is designed to help you get through the security checkpoints at the airport quickly and easily when travelling on a flight. Remember, while some security measures can seem an inconvenience, they are are in place to protect us all. Please cooperate with the requests and directions of screening officers and airport and airline officials.

Passenger security screening for domestic and international flights

When going through the security screening process at Australian airports, there are a number of simple steps you can take to make your journey as quick and smooth as possible. Visit the following website for information about passenger screening: http://travelsecure.infrastructure.gov.au/international/screening/index.aspx

Travellers requiring special assistance

Sydney Airport recognises that some passengers may require special assistance when travelling through the airport. We have recently introduced dedicated ’Special Assistance Lanes’ at our international and domestic terminals (T1 and T2). Special assistance lane aviation security officers are trained to assist you and help make the security screening process smoother.

Visit our Special Assistance page for information to help passengers requiring assistance to get through security screening as easily as possible.