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Currency Exchange


Global Exchange

Global Exchange is a world-renowned foreign exchange operator with 21 foreign exchange bureaus conveniently located across Sydney Airport’s T1 International terminal.

With over 69 currencies available in-store, Global Exchange offers a range of currency products and services, including:

  • convenient online ordering;
  • free buy back offer;
  • travel money wallets;
  • promotional offers;
  • click and collect service;
  • seasonal promotions;
  • incentives for higher currency exchange quantities; and
  • repeat customers benefit from a 20% reduction in the rate charged.

Highly trained, bilingual staff provide a personalised service and are able to offer you friendly advice that suits a range of different travelling needs, such as the currency of destination countries and how to avoid counterfeit or out-of-circulation notes.

Global Exchange stocks large quantities of local banknotes and change to ensure you avoid the inconvenience of paying with high denomination banknotes, while competitive pricing by using multiple wholesalers, provides a range of prices throughout the day.

A multichannel e-commerce platform makes online currency ordering hassle-free. Simply order and pay in the airport with cash, Visa, MasterCard or Unionpay credit cards or debit cards and conveniently pick up your currency at any one of the 21 conveniently located bureaus throughout T1.

Currency may be ordered between three business days and 21 days in advance of the collection date.

Global Exchange operates daily from 4am – 11pm at the T1 International terminal.

For more information about Global Exchange products and services visit Global Exchange website or any of the bureaux at Sydney Airport located throughout the T1 International terminal, both before and after customs.

ANZ Bank

ANZ Bank branches located before customs on both the Departures and Arrivals levels of Sydney Airport’s T1 International terminal offer a complete banking service, including foreign currency exchange.

For further information about ANZ Bank and its banking services please visit our ANZ Bank page or the ANZ Bank website.