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Frequently Asked Questions - Shopping

Here are some useful frequently asked questions and answers that you may find useful when shopping at Sydney Airport.
What retail promotions and special offers are available at Sydney Airport?

Sydney Airport’s retailers offer a range of specials offers. To view current special offers from Sydney Airport retailers visit our Special Offers page.

How do Australian clothing sizes differ to other international sizes?
Can I pre-order items and pick them up upon my return flight to Sydney?
How much duty free purchased items can I bring into Australia?
What is the Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS) and how do I make a claim?
Does Sydney Airport have banking facilities?
Can I purchase duty free items if I am transferring from one international service to another? 
Can I purchase foreign currency at Sydney Airport?
What time do the shops and eating and drinking outlets open?
Is there a pharmacy / chemist at Sydney Airport?
Does Sydney Airport have a post office?
What quantity of duty free purchased items can I take with me if I am leaving Australia?
Where can I make a comment about my airport shopping experience or the travellers section of the website?
How do I advertise at Sydney Airport?
Are there eating and drinking options after Customs at the International Terminal (T1)?