Breeze through checks

To ensure a stress-free and easy journey, we recommend arriving early at the airport. You should allow ample time to check-in and go through security screening and immigration. We recommend having your passport and ticket ready for a speedier process. Delays can sometimes occur, particularly during peak travel times, so please allow plenty of time to spare when planning your trip. For more information on check-in procedures and your flight status, refer to your airline.
Clearing security
Ensuring you have a safe and smooth journey is our top priority. To make sure our airport is secure, every departing passenger, and their bags, must go through a security screening process. To help you breeze through security, it’s important to know what you can and can’t take through security.
Clearing customs and border protection
When you're flying on an international flight, you'll need to pass through Customs and border protection. You will need to have a passport or valid travel document and boarding pass with you. Allow plenty of time to go through these processes, as delays can sometimes occur.
Biometrics technology
Sydney Airport is currently trialling facial recognition technology at T1 International, giving passengers a more streamlined journey through the terminal. The trial technology will allow select Qantas passengers to check-in, drop their bags, access the lounge and board their flight.