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Annual Report

Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL) is the operating company that manages the airport’s assets and derives its income from airport activities.

Southern Cross Airports Corporation Holdings Limited (SCACH) is the ultimate parent company of SACL. Other companies within the SCACH Group are:

  • Southern Cross Airports Corporation Pty Limited
  • Sydney Airport RPS Company Pty Limited
  • Sydney Airport Finance Company Pty Limited

Calendar Year 2015: Annual Report

Calendar Year 2014: Annual Report

Calendar Year 2013: Annual Review and Financial Highlights and Annual Report 

Calendar Year 2012:   2012 Annnual Report (1.9MB) 

Calendar Year 2011:   Financial Statements (635KB)

Calendar Year 2010:   Key Highlights (1.22MB) and   Financial Statements (1.68MB)

Calendar Year 2009:   Key Highlights (1.96MB) and   Concise Financial Statements (600kB)

Calendar Year 2008:   Key Highlights (1.20MB) and   Concise Financial Statements (1.30MB)

Calendar Year 2007:   Key Highlights (1.31MB) and   Concise Financial Statements (1.21MB)

  2007 Annual Report (5.15MB)

  2006 Annual Report (2.31MB)

  2005 Annual Report (3.67MB)

  2004 Annual Report (1.78MB)

  2003 Annual Report (1MB)

  2002 Annual Report (1.24MB)

Deed of Cross Guarantee

All companies in the SCACH Group, including SCACH itself and its subsidiaries listed above, have entered into a deed of cross guarantee from 21 December 2007 pursuant to ASIC Corporations Instrument 2016/785 (which supersedes ASIC Class Order 98/1418).

Click on the link below to download a PDF version of the ASIC Deed of Cross Guarantee.

  ASIC Deed of Cross Guarantee (5.47MB)