Market Summaries

The sky is the limit

Our city’s credentials may be spectacular, but we do not rest on our laurels.

The main objective of Aviation Business Development is to forge a visionary, long-term strategy that will deliver airline capacity in line with demand, introduce new markets and identify business opportunities.

Sydney Airport continually strives to be the number one airport in Asia-Pacific. Our goal is to become one of the leading airports in the world. 

Australia’s only global city

Aviation Business Development engages with airlines, catering to the 37.9 million business and leisure passengers that flow through our terminals annually and hosting the tens of thousands who come to greet or say farewell daily.

We mean business

Our city’s iconic beauty and economic importance ensures Sydney Airport continues to flourish as the world’s 31st busiest airport.

Our airport benefits from Sydney’s cachet and powerhouse allure: Australia’s largest city boasts the presence of global corporate giants, one of the fastest growing financial markets in Australasia, and is home to the country’s dominant service sector.

In turn, Sydney Airport gives back to the city’s economy - perfectly positioned only 8km from the Sydney Central Business District. The airport precinct employs more than 49,930 direct jobs and a further 234,700 jobs in freight and tourism for the people of Sydney.  As New South Wales’s busiest transport exchange we keep ground transport humming including rail, buses, taxis and shuttles. In this symbiotic, win/win relationship, aviation activity contributes a whopping $27.6 billion to the state in both direct and flow on impact.

We have the big picture

We don’t just let our passengers pass us by.

Aviation Business Development analyses travel patterns of more than 100,000 daily passengers passing through the doors of the Domestic and International Terminals to provide our airline partners with invaluable insights such as:

  • How many international passengers are direct visitors to our iconic city?
  • Inbound and outbound travel patterns.
  • Purpose of visit for international travellers.
  • International nationality split.
  • New route opportunities.
  • How has this changed over the last decade?

We keep you posted

For further information, please contact the relevant Aviation Business Development Manager for your region on the Contact us page.