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The following formats of your airline’s logo are required by Sydney Airport to ensure that your logo is displayed correctly throughout the terminal, airport precinct and Sydney Airport website.

All file formats are required for all airlines. The files can be provided in either PC or Mac format.

Send the files to anne.walker@syd.com.au or copy onto CD and mail to:

Anne Walker
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
10 Arrivals Court
Sydney International Terminal, NSW  2020

If you have any questions about airport signage please contact Anne Walker on +61 2 9667 6143.

Flight Information Display System/Website logo requirements:

.EPS File

  • (PC Version)
  • Required for Outdoor Signage
  • Image Size: 1365 (width) X 300 (Height)

PMS Colour Composition

  • List composition of all PMS colours within logo