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Monday, 3rd of August 2015 | Due to industrial action, international travellers should arrive early and allow plenty of time to go through customs. 

Aviation Insurance Requirements


Please note that evidence of all required insurance must be provided to Sydney Airport.

Sydney Airport Conditions of Use

Sets minimum requirement for third party liability insurance for all aircraft operators at Sydney Airport. Reference clause 2.1 (e) and Schedule 1.

International Terminal (T1) Check-in Counter Licence

Sets minimum requirement for public liability insurance as well as requirements for compulsory third party insurance and Workcover policy. Reference clause F3.

Domestic Terminal (T2) Licence (not currently available online)

Sets minimum requirement for aviation public liability insurance, combined property damage and business interruption insurance, motor vehicle insurance as well as a requirement for a Workcover policy. Reference clauses 7.4 and 7.5.

Sydney Airport Ground Handling Conditions of Use

Sets minimum requirement for aviation liability insurance. Reference clause 2.1 (c) and Schedule 3.

Evidence of insurance

Please send evidence of insurance by one of the following methods to:



Postal Address

Aviation Commercial
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
Locked Bag 5000
Sydney International Terminal, NSW, 2020