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Statement on secondary airport

15 April 2014
Category:Media Releases

• The Australian Government has today announced the decision to select Badgerys Creek as the location for Sydney’s secondary airport.

As outlined in today’s announcement by the Australian Government, significant infrastructure works need to be undertaken on and around the site for the proposed secondary airport.

It is important that a secondary airport be developed as demand requires, with priority placed on planning supporting infrastructure including roads, rail, public transport options, aviation fuel pipelines and utilities.

Extensive local community and stakeholder consultation will be a vital part of that process.

Sydney Airport has a Right of First Refusal which sets out a detailed process that will be worked through as and when appropriate. In the meantime, we will continue to engage in constructive discussions with the federal government.

In the interests of the travelling public, airlines and our shareholders, Sydney Airport will apply appropriate commercial and financial discipline throughout any process.

Sydney Airport’s approved Master Plan 2033 shows that we can meet forecast demand of 74 million passengers in 2033. Together with government, stakeholders, airline partners and the community, we are focused on improving the customer experience, increasing efficiency and enhancing capacity at Sydney Airport.

Laura Stevens
Manager, Media and Communications
(02) 9667 6477 or 0437 033 479

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