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Improved airport operations in low visibility

28 April 2014
Category:Media Releases

• Multi-million dollar investment in enhancing low visibility airport operations
• Will reduce delays and diversions for passengers and airlines

High Intensity Approach Lighting (HIAL)Sydney Airport‟s main north-south runway can now be used in lower visibility conditions, following the installation of new high intensity approach and strobe lights at both ends of the runway. 

“We‟ve made a multi-million dollar investment in works to enhance operations for low visibility conditions such as fog and poor weather,” Sydney Airport Chief Executive Officer, Kerrie Mather, said. 

“Our new runway lighting system will enable more aircraft to land safely at Sydney Airport in adverse weather conditions, instead of being diverted to other Australian cities. 

“Safety is a key priority for Sydney Airport and we‟re pleased that this upgrade will deliver improved safety outcomes. 

“This is also great news for passengers, who will now experience fewer diversions and knock-on delays.” 

Airservices Australia has upgraded the Instrument Landing Systems (ILS), a radio navigation aid that helps to guide air traffic to the airport, particularly during weather events. 

Authorised aircraft will now be able to land in visibility conditions down to 350 metres, compared to 550 to 1,500 metres previously. 

The works were undertaken over the past year and have been approved by Australia’s aviation safety regulator CASA, which has now upgraded Sydney Airport to a ’Category II’ airport. 

For more information visit www.sydneyairport.com.au

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