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Master Plan

Master Plan

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The Australian Government approved Sydney Airport’s new Master Plan 2033 on the 17th of February, 2014. This master plan replaces the previous 2009 master plan.

The master plan outlines the strategic direction for the airport’s development over the next 20 years. It includes an assessment of the future needs of airlines and other airport users, a land use zoning plan, forecast changes in the number of airline passengers, flights and the volume of air freight, information about aircraft noise and the plans for dealing with any environmental issues associated with implementing the new master plan.

The master plan also outlines significant investments to improve traffic flow in and around the passenger terminal precincts.

The master plan is based on:

  • No change to the curfew
  • No change to the aircraft movement cap
  • No change to noise sharing arrangements
  • No change to access arrangements for regional airlines
  • No new flight paths or runways.

A five-year Environment Strategy and Ground Transport Plan are also included in the master plan.