Airspace amendment

Sydney Airport’s existing prescribed airspace was declared by the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications (DITRDC) in March 2015.

Airservices Australia is now proposing to amend one of the prescribed airspace surfaces for which it is primarily responsible, the Radar Terrain Clearance Chart (RTCC).

What is the RTCC and why is it important?

The Radar Terrain Clearance Chart (RTCC) – also known as a Radar Minimum Altitude Chart – is an airspace chart used by air traffic controllers to indicate the lowest altitude to which a controller may safely vector an aircraft in flight. It acts as a “floor”, below which the presence of obstacles (such as buildings or other structures) may pose an unacceptable risk to aircraft in flight.

Why is the amendment is necessary?

The amendment to prescribed airspace relates to the construction of a new building at 14-30 Lee Street, Haymarket NSW and is being proposed for operational reasons following consultation with Sydney Air Traffic Control. Further information on the proposed amendment, including a description of how the RTCC would change if the amendment were to be approved, can be found here.

Invitation to comment

Submissions on the proposed amendment are invited from the community and key stakeholders.

Submissions should be sent to:

Mr Ted Plummer
Special Adviser Government and Community Relations
Sydney Airport
Locked Bag 5000
Sydney International Airport


Submissions must be received by no later than 6 June 2022.

Sydney Airport will then give due regard to any written submissions received and forward those submissions and Sydney Airport’s summary and response to comments made in those submissions to DITRDC for its consideration.

Further information

On or before 31 May 2022, contact Sydney Airport’s Special Adviser Government and Community Relations, Mr Ted Plummer, at or on 0409 072 436.

After 31 May 2022, contact Sydney Airport’s Airfield Technical Planning Manager Planning, Mr Peter Bleasdale, on (02) 9667 9246.