T2/T3 Domestic precinct

Getting to and from the airport should be easy – no matter what mode of transport you choose. We’re improving the road network in the airport precinct to smooth traffic flows and ease congestion.

Improving our road network

Our T2/T3 precinct has been transformed to feature a one-way road network, with more lanes. The new road configuration has improved traffic flow and reduced congestion, and will be complemented by further roadworks to be delivered by the NSW Government outside the airport precinct. More “green light time” at key intersections is just one of the benefits of our work at the T2/T3 Domestic precinct. Future plans also include a new ground transport interchange, to accommodate more public transport at the precinct.

Making parking easier

We’ve added additional car parking spaces to our car parks, and opened long-stay parking at the Blu Emu Car Park. This is providing more choice at a range of price points for our visitors.

Introducing new transport options

If you want to use ridesharing services, our Priority pick-up zone provides a dedicated space to meet your driver. This new, dedicated zone is part of our commitment to provide more options for people travelling to and from the airport.

Supporting active transport

If you prefer to walk or cycle to the airport, we’ve introduced end-of-trip bicycle storage facilities in our car parks to make your journey easier. Dedicated pedestrian paths throughout the precinct have also been introduced. If you’d like to know more about our work to improve access to and from the airport, please email us or call our enquiry line on 1300 557 200

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