Improving our road network

We’ve completed a range of key programs across the airport to improve the the experience and work collaboratively with external stakeholders to make it easier for you to travel to and from the airport.

Improvements to our road network includes:

  • The installation of a dedicated pick-up zone to meet rideshare drivers at the Domestic and International terminals
  • Widening of Airport Drive link to Centre Road at the International precinct
  • New exit lane from Marsh Street to Centre Road
  • New flyover from Airport Drive to Arrivals Court
  • Widening of Marsh Street with an additional two lanes westbound
  • Conversion of Robey Road and O’Riordan Street to one-way to assist with traffic management
  • Widening of Joyce Drive to three lanes
  • New one-way entry to the Domestic terminals and one-way exits to assist with traffic management
  • A dedicated pedestrian and cycle bridge for safer access to the T1 International terminal with pedestrian paths throughout the precinct
  • Working collaboratively with Roads and Maritime Services and the Transport Management Centre to assist with traffic signalling and monitoring
  • Improved dynamic digital signage along Southern Cross Drive to make it easier for you to get into the airport
  • Installation of message boards a short distance from the airport to inform you of delays, congestion and best paths of travel to the airport
  • The activation of waiting time monitors at the T1 International terminal to convey taxi wait times
  • The implementation of a departures overflow drop-off area at the T1 International terminal to ease traffic congestion during the morning peak. This initiative has reduced delay drive times from 10 minutes to one minute for vehicles arriving along Airport Drive and from 13 minutes to nine minutes from vehicles arriving from Marsh Street

Once complete, Sydney Gateway and WestConnex will also aid traffic congestion at the airport, taking traffic not destined for the airport off the circumventing roads. Currently, about half of the traffic on Airport Drive during the peak is not destined for the airport.

There’s a lot happening in this space and our future road investments will continue to reduce trip times creating further connectivity as we strive to reduce congestion to create a better experience.