Licence Plate Recognition

Delays and congestion within the airport precinct are frustrating and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to improve our customers trip to and from the airport.

To make it easier for you to pick up and drop off friends and family, we've implemented licence plate recognition technology at the Domestic and International Express Pick-Up areas.

If you’re using Express Pick-Up you will continue to receive the first 15-minutes of parking for free, while entry to the area is now limited to twice daily (2 x per calendar day) before incurring charges.

Here’s everything you need to know about the changes to the Express Pick-Up areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes have been made to the Express Pick-Up areas across Domestic and International?

We've implemented licence plate recognition technology at the Domestic and International Express Pick-Up areas to help reduce congestion across the precinct, improve traffic flow and improve the experience for everyone.

Why has Sydney Airport implemented this change?

There’s heavy congestion within the airport precinct, particularly during peak periods and when a lot of people are jetting off at the same time.

Consistent recirculation within the Express Pick-Up area adds to any delays and congestion. To improve the experience for everyone we've implemented licence plate recognition to reduce vehicle recirculation within these areas.

Why is recirculation impacting this area of the airport?

More customers are seeking Express Pick-Up to meet a friend or loved one and with vehicles continually recirculating in this area it impacts the experience of customers and those wishing to park.

What is licence plate recognition?

Licence plate recognition is camera-enabled technology that records a vehicle licence plate upon entry and exit to a gated area.

What does Sydney Airport use licence plate recognition for?

We use licence plate recognition technology to record entry and exit times of vehicles frequenting the Express Pick-Up areas at the International and Domestic precincts.

What data will the licence plate recognition technology collect?

  • Licence plate characters
  • Licence plate issuing state
  • A photo of the licence plate only
  • Time stamp details of the entry

Will you be storing the data? If so, for how long?

In terms of the recirculating data, it is not retained. It is permanently deleted every 24 hrs. Licence plate recognition images are stored for three months.

Will I still receive the first 15-minutes at Express Pick-Up for free?

Yes, the first two entries into the Express Pick-Up area are free if you enter and exit within the 15-minute timeframe per calendar day. Any subsequent entries will be charged $9.90 on entry and standard charges will apply after that.

In fact, upon the third entry you can stay for up to 30 minutes for a charge of $9.90.

What if I exit Express Pick-Up within the 15-minute window and re-circulate, will I be charged?

If you’ve exited the Express Pick-Up area within the 15-minute timeframe and re-enter on a calendar day (i.e. 12am to 11:59pm), you will not be charged.

However, if you enter the Express Pick-Up area for a third time on any calendar day, you will incur a minimum charge of $9.90 upon exiting the area, pending how long you stay.

How do I avoid charges at Express Pick-Up?

To avoid incurring a recirculation charge, we encourage you to make use of the Express Pick-Up area and exit within 15-minutes, no more than twice per calendar day.

We also have a range of other convenient parking options across the airport including P6 and P7 at the International terminal and P2, P3 and Blu Emu at the Domestic terminal. You can park up to one-hour for free at the Blu Emu car park which is located at the Domestic precinct.

Do I need to take a ticket every time I enter the Express Pick-Up area?

Yes. Please take a ticket upon entry.

When did the change come into place?

4 February 2020