Customer experience

We are committed to continually improving the airport experience by responding to feedback, using new technology and delivering initiatives to enhance the overall airport experience. To read about our performance in this area, see our Sustainability Report.

Customer service excellence

The Sydney Airport Customer Charter is our commitment to providing the highest standards of customer service and a world-class customer experience.

Our Charter is supported by Service Standards, which provide practical examples of the level of service expected from the entire airport community. These are used to guide day-to-day interactions with customers and ensure a great airport experience.

To support our Customer Charter, Sydney Airport has a Customer Experience Committee which reviews existing projects and recommends new initiatives to enhance the customer experience. This committee has participants from across the business recommending and tracking key focus areas which are identified via consultation, engagement and surveys.

Service qualities

Customer service remains one of the top drivers of customer satisfaction and influences the overall airport experience.

With the customer at the heart of everything we do, we have four Service Qualities which provide a common language when delivering consistent service. These qualities are caring, helpful, proactive and approachable. These service qualities apply to every interaction with customers we serve, wherever that is within the business or across the Airport.

Sydney Airport meets regularly with business partners, including airlines, ground handling agencies and border agencies, on customer and operational related matters and surveys regularly to receive feedback from on ways to improve the customer experience.

Our Service Star program is an opportunity to give recognition to staff who consistently get it right and make a difference to the airport experience. The program acknowledges staff working across the airport community who consistently deliver high levels of customer service and embody Sydney Airport’s Service Standards.

Since 2015, Sydney Airport has annually achieved independent certification with the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA), in recognition of its commitment to service excellence, customer-centric culture and industry leading complaint handling framework. Sydney Airport was the first Australian airport to achieve certification for its complaint handling process.

Measuring customer satisfaction

Regular customer satisfaction surveys are undertaken including ACI ASQ (a global airport benchmarking program), our own customer satisfaction survey, real-time feedback using interactive Happy or Not devices and other specialised surveys.

The measures from these surveys and comments from customers are used to identify trends and feedback to help the business identify areas to focus on and monitor performance.

In addition to customer surveys, customers can provide feedback directly in a range of ways including via the Contact Us page on our website. At times, this feedback relates to airport business partners including airlines, border agencies and retailers. Where this is the case, we work with these partners to assist in responding to customer feedback. All feedback is reviewed and considered as part of our regular continuous improvement programs.

Sydney Airport ambassadors

The Sydney Airport ambassador program offer a warm welcome to visitors, providing exceptional customer service and creating a positive first and last impression of Sydney since 1999. Our Airport ambassadors are located at the International and Domestic terminals to assist customers with information they may require during their travels.