Duty free allowances for departing passengers

If you are leaving Australia with duty free purchases of general goods, alcohol and/or tobacco, you need to ensure that you have not exceeded the duty free concession limits of your destination(s). For information about duty free concession limits for your destination(s) check with your airline or visit one of the Heinemann Airport Tax & Duty Free Stores.

You must also ensure that you comply with the restrictions on liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) for your international flights.

Guide to terms

A - Allowances for non-residents. Allowances for residents may vary.

B - You are permitted to take in 3 bottles of spirits and 6 bottles of wine providing you don’t exceed the general allowance of NZ$700 limit. Pooling of allowance is not permitted.

C - Allowances for non-European (EU) residents. Allowance for residents may vary.

D - Allowances for people who originate from Oceania, (Australia, New Zealand, New Hebrides, Indonesia). Allowances for other nations may vary.

E - Alcohol allowance of 2 x 1 litre can be a combination of 1 x 1 litre of Champagne, Port or Sherry with 1 x 1 litre of Still Table Wine

F - Each person over 18 years.

G - Each person over 19 years.

H - Each person over 20 years

I - Each person over 21 years.

J - Tobacco allowances for persons over 19 years. Alcohol allowances for persons over 20 years.

K - Any tobacco products must be declared on arrival.

L - Exceeding 12% alcohol by volume.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the above information is correct, Customs regulations can change without any notice. Duty Free allowances currency totals correct at time of print.

Please check with our staff or with the local Customs Authority. Passengers should ensure that prior to travelling they are aware of Customs allowances for countries they intend to visit. Security regulations (including LAG restrictions) in countries you may be transiting through may vary from the regulations in the countries that you are visiting. Therefore, we recommend you check with your airline or the country you are visiting before you travel.