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Free wifi

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout T1 International and T2 Domestic. Simply select “-FREE SYD WiFi-” from the list of available networks, answer the questions, read the terms and conditions and click "Proceed". You will then be shown a sponsored message then directed to a website.

This public access Wi-Fi service is not encrypted so please ensure services such as banking, e-mail and social networking sites have security such as SSL enabled.

Charging Stations
Open now until 7pm
Opening hours
Every day
4am - 7pm
Level 2

Charging points are available at Sydney Airport, allowing passengers to conveniently charge their personal devices. The charging points are situated at various locations throughout T2 Domestic. Sydney Airport does not accept liability for lost devices.

You can purchase charging cables at the following retailers in T2 Departures: Newslink, Relay and Tech2Go.