1:19 PM, 20°C PARTLY CLOUDY. Sun 30 Apr 2017(SYDNEY TIME)

Increased check-in capacity and self-service trial


Sydney Airport is partnering with our airline customers to use technology to improve the airport experience for passengers and enhance efficiency for airlines.  

The airport is installing common use check-in kiosks at check-in counters A and B in T1 to enable participating airlines to use the kiosks to streamline their check-in operations. 

We’ve also extended check-in counter C with four new check-in positions and automated bag drops at our International terminal to increase check-in capacity and improve passenger facilitation.

In partnership with Qantas, Sydney Airport has commenced a self-service and automated bag drop trial at extended check-in counter C. This means that Qantas passengers travelling to New Zealand will be able to check-in at a kiosk and deposit their luggage at an automated bag drop, easing queues during peak periods. Staff will be on hand to provide guidance as required.