Where to pick-up

Domestic pick up options

Priority Pick-up zone
Rates from $4.35
Just a four minute walk from Domestic terminals, our most convenient pick up option

Directions for arriving passengers: Follow the green signage and lighting from Arrivals. There’s a handy passenger waiting area with a range of refreshments available for purchase.

Directions for drivers: Follow the green signage for Priority Pick-up as you arrive in the Domestic precinct. Note that all parking payments are made automatically via e-TAG charged as you exit the zone. No cash or credit card payments are accepted at Priority Pick-up. If you don’t have an e-TAG yet, you’ll be directed to alternative parking.

Pick-up rates


These rates are charged automatically via your existing e-TAG when exiting the zone.

The Priority Pick-up recognises the following e-tags:

  • Roads and Maritime Services                        
  • Tollaust Pty Ltd (Roam Express)                    
  • Roam Tolling                                                    
  • Beep Tolling (refer to E-way)                          
  • Interlink Roads Pty Ltd (trading as E-way)  

Express Pick-up zone
Free for 15 minutes
Eight minute walk from the Domestic terminals

Directions for arriving passengers: Follow the yellow signage and lighting.

Directions for drivers: Look out for the yellow signage for Express pick-up, which directs you into the right-hand lane as you enter the Domestic precinct.

Pick up rates

30 to 60 min$19.40

Blu Emu Car Park
Free for one hour

Directions for arriving passengers: Find the complimentary Blu Emu bus stops outside the Domestic terminals. The shuttle leaves every 10-15 minutes. Allow plenty of travel time during peak traffic times.

Directions for drivers: If you’re coming along the M5 heading east, look out for the Blu Emu Car Park sign on the left. Turn left into Butler Road at the BP service station.

If you’re coming from the Domestic precinct, you can access Blu Emu Car Park via Ross Smith Avenue - look out for the signage.

Pick-up rates

1-24 hrs$34.00
2 days$65.00
3 days$78.00
4 days$93.00
5 days$109.00
6 days$125.00
7 days or more+$16 per day

Accessible pick-up zones

Accessible pick-up spaces are available kerbside on the Arrivals level outside T2 and T3. There are 2 kerbside spaces at each terminal. Driver must remain with their vehicle at all times.