Endota Light and Hydration Studio

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endota is excited to introduce our new Light and Hydration studio concept to travellers at Sydney International Airport.

Located in the Duty Free shopping area, the Studio will offer express LED light therapy facial treatments to supercharge skin hydration and condition in preparation for travel. Treatments can be pre-booked prior to your travel date or booked on the day at the airport.

Our extensive product range is available at the studio including travel packs designed to provide you with in-flight hydration and take home skincare.

Level 2

Opening hours

Open now until 8pm Mon 6am - 8pm Tue 6am - 8pm Wed 6am - 8pm Thu 6am - 5pm Fri 6am - 8pm Sat 6am - 8pm Sun 6am - 8pm


0474 420 600

Ways to pay

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