10:14 AM, 14°C PARTLY CLOUDY. Sun 02 Aug 2015(SYDNEY TIME)

Monday, 3rd of August 2015 | Due to industrial action, international travellers should arrive early and allow plenty of time to go through customs. 


At Sydney Airport, our vision is to deliver a world-class airport experience and foster the growth of Sydney Airport for the benefit of Sydney, NSW and Australia.

Our airport is one of Australia’s most important pieces of infrastructure. It is our international gateway and an essential part of our transport network connecting Sydney to 47 international, 24 domestic interstate and 23 regional destinations (at 31 December 2013).

Sydney Airport is also a major employer in NSW and makes a significant contribution to our local and national economies, generating or facilitating $27.6 billion in economic activity a year. This contribution is equivalent to six per cent of the NSW economy and translates into more than 49,930 direct jobs and a further 234,700 jobs in freight and tourism for the people of Sydney.

Sydney Airport is conveniently located only 8 kilometres from the city centre and less than 10 kilometres from major tourist attractions. The convenience of our location has benefits for both business and tourism and is a major strength that will help to underpin Sydney’s future prosperity.