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Livestock Transfer Facility


Aero-Care Pty Ltd manages and operates the Sydney Airport Livestock Transfer Facility.

Aero-Care is responsible for all bookings, operations and customer invoicing.

 Booking Request Form and Conditions of Use

Booking submissions (Aero-Care):

Booking email livestock.transfer@aerocare.com.au
Booking fax +61 2 9669 2944

Booking enquiries (business hours – Aero-Care):

Phone: +61 2 9669 2933.

24-hour contact (Aero-Care):

Phone: Robert Rego on +61 411 807 835.

Account enquiries (Aero-Care):

Phone: Vicky Alison on +61 7 3852 2195 ext 9711 or email v.alison@aerocare.com.au.

Waste disposal

Disposal of quarantine waste associated with livestock transfers is the responsibility of the users of the Livestock Transfer Facility. Click here for details of waste disposal companies servicing Sydney Airport. Please ensure your service provider has an AQIS approved procedures for the disposal of waste.

The Department of Agriculture has published import conditions for the decontamination of animal stalls on ICON and a guideline for decontamination of horse stalls, and must inspect contaminated animal stalls.

Download a movement advice for animal transport equipment form to book an inspection with the department.

Currently approved AQIS Procedures for the Decontamination of Animal Stalls (last updated 30 July 2007)  SITA Environmental Solutions - Horse Stalls Process.

General enquiries

If you have any questions about the Livestock Transfer Facility you may contact:

Sydney Airport Ramp Manager symon.reid@syd.com.au.

Livestock Transfer Facility Archive

 Booking Request Form and Conditions of Use to December 2005.