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Tenant resources


Sydney Airport recognises its responsibility to manage the airport site in an environmentally sustainable manner and is committed to maintaining a high environmental standard and ensuring continual environmental improvement. This responsibility extends to all our staff and airport tenants.

While preparing the Sydney Airport Environment Strategy and in consultation with airport tenants and other stakeholders, a range of objectives and targets were established for key environmental aspects associated with the airport. A number of action plans were also developed that outline how Sydney Airport and our tenants will achieve these objectives and targets. 

Sydney Airport tenants are responsible for conducting their activities in an environmentally responsible manner and for complying with applicable legislation (including the Airports Act 1996 and Regulations and the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999), the Airport Environment Strategy 2013 - 2018 and the  Sydney Airport Environment Strategy.

To assist tenants in meeting their obligations, Sydney Airport has prepared fact sheets specifically for airport tenants.

Fact sheets for tenants

Tenants are also invited to participate in the Sydney Airport Environment Forum which is designed to provide both Sydney Airport and its tenants with an opportunity to discuss relevant environmental matters in a face-to-face forum.

For further information please contact Sydney Airport’s Environment Department on +61 2 9667 9111 or at environment@syd.com.au.