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Further Links

There are a number of other sources of information about aviation, airports and master plans that members of the community might find interesting.

Existing 2009 Master Plan

Sydney Airport’s existing Master Plan was approved by the Australian Government on 19 June 2009. More information on the existing plan, including details of how to obtain a copy, can be found here.

Airports Act

The Airports Act is the primary piece of Commonwealth legislation that regulates Australia’s major airports. The provisions relating to airports master plans can be found in Part 5, Division 3.


Airservices Australia

Airservices Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for managing aircraft movements at Sydney Airport and handling noise complaints and enquiries. This agency also regularly publishes information about aircraft operations at Sydney Airport, including detailed information about aircraft movements, runway and flight path usage and aircraft noise impacts at Sydney Airport.


Airservices Australia – WebTrak

WebTrak allows anyone to get information about where and how high aircraft fly over metropolitan areas, including Sydney. It displays a map of surrounding suburbs within 55km of Sydney Airport. You can view information about arriving and departing aircraft, from three months earlier up to just 40 minutes ago. After selecting an aircraft, you can make a complaint about that flight.


Aircraft Noise Ombudsman

The Aircraft Noise Ombudsman conducts independent administrative reviews of Airservices Australia’s management of aircraft noise-related activities.


Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics

The Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics provides economic analysis, research and statistics on infrastructure, transport (including aviation) and regional development issues to inform both Australian Government policy development and wider community understanding.


Civil Aviation Safety Authority

CASA’s primary function is to conduct the safety regulation of civil air operations in Australia and the operation of Australian aircraft overseas.


Department of Infrastructure and Transport

The department advises the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport on the policy and regulatory framework for airports and the aviation industry and administer the Airports Act.


International Civil Aviation Organisation

ICAO, a United Nations Specialised Agency, is the global forum for aviation.


International Airport Transport Association

IATA is the trade association for the world’s airlines, representing some 240 airlines or 84% of total air traffic.


Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW is the lead agency of the NSW Government, with primary responsibility for transport coordination, transport policy and planning, transport services (including public transport), transport infrastructure and freight.


Sydney Airport Community Forum

The role of the SACF is to act as a forum for providing advice to the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Sydney Airport and aviation authorities on the abatement of aircraft noise and related environmental issues at Sydney Airport.