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Master Plan 2009

The Sydney Airport Master Plan 2009 was approved by the Australian Government on 19 June 2009, following extensive consultation with the community and other key stakeholders.

Printed copies of the plan are available for purchase for $25 each (including GST and postage) by writing to the address shown below:

Master Plan 2009
Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
Locked Bag 5000
Sydney International Airport, NSW 2020


Copies of the Master Plan 2009 are also available for inspection by members of the public during normal office hours at Sydney Airport’s Corporate Office, Central Terrace Building, 10 Arrivals Court, Sydney International Airport (opposite the International Terminal).  

Master Plan 2009

To download the complete Master Plan 2009 click on the link below.

 Master Plan 2009 (21MB) 

To download a summary of the Master Plan 2009 click on the link below.

 Master Plan 2009 Summary (0.8MB)

To download individual chapters of the Master Plan 2009 click on the links below.

 Cover Disclaimer Foreword Table of Contents (3MB)

 Summary (1.7MB)

 01 Introduction (0.9MB) 

 02 Stakeholder and Community Consultation (1MB)

 03 Statutory and Policy Framework (0.9MB)

 04 Economic and Regional Significance (1MB)

 05 Aviation and Activity Forecasts (1MB)

 06 Airfield - Master Plan Concept (0.9MB)

 07 Terminal and Passenger Systems - Master Plan Concept (0.8MB)

 08 Freight - Master Plan Concept (0.8MB)

 09 Aviation Support Facilities and Utilities - Master Plan Concept (0.8MB)

 10 Landside Access - Master Plan Concept (0.9MB)

 11 Commercial Development - Master Plan Concept (0.8MB)

 12 Land Use Zoning Plan (1.8MB)

 13 Safety Management and Airspace Protection (2MB)

 14 Sustainability, Climate Change and Environmental Management (4MB)

 15 Implementation (0.5MB)

 Appendices (5MB)

Australian Noise Exposure Forecast 2033

On 3 December 2012, Airservices Australia endorsed a new Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) for Sydney Airport.

The ANEF 2033 can be downloaded at the link below. 

The ANEF 2033 supersedes the previous ANEF 2029, which is shown as Figure 14.5 in Sydney Airport’s Master Plan 2009.

  Australian Noise Exposure Forecast 2033 (1.9MB)