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Accessible parking

Accessible parking for the mobility impaired is provided within all public car parks at Sydney Airport, located as close as possible to the terminals. There are also dedicated and well-marked disabled parking spaces located kerbside, at the nearest access points to the terminals.

When using accessible parking, vehicles must display a valid ‘disability’ card.

Please note that all vehicles are subject to our usual parking rates within the car parks and public pick-up areas.

Location Accessible parking
P7 multi-storey car park 13 spaces on level 2, near the lifts.
13 spaces on level 3, near the lifts.
P9 open-air parking 8 spaces on ground level.
International departures level 2 set down spaces with wheelchair ramps.
Driver must stay with vehicle at all times.
P1 and P2 Spaces on every level, near the lifts.
T2 & T3 Domestic departures level 3 set down spaces at kerbside outside centre doors.
Driver must stay with vehicle at all times.
T2 & T3 Domestic arrivals level kerbside 2 disabled pick-up areas at the kerbside at each terminal.
Driver must stay with vehicle at all times.
T2 Domestic arrivals level public pick-up 2 spaces across from the multi-storey car park lifts.

Parking when no mobility parking permit is displayed

If you are a driver picking up a disabled passenger, but can’t display a mobility parking permit, you may stop in a disabled zone However, the disabled passenger must be waiting at the kerbside and should either show a valid mobility parking permit if requested by a kerbside officer, or must be clearly and obviously disabled.

If you don’t follow these guidelines or any directions of kerbside staff, you may be issued with a Parking Infringement Notice.