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Domestic parking

All official Sydney Airport domestic car parks are located close to the terminals and are inside the airport precinct.

P1 and P2 are ideal for short trips, or for greeting or farewelling family and friends. They are less than a 5 minute walk to the terminals.

P3 is great for longer parking stays, and offers a discounted daily rate. It is less than a 500m walk to the terminals.

The Blu Emu car park offers budget parking for travellers staying one day or more. It is just a short (8-15 minute), complimentary shuttle ride to the domestic terminals.

For the best price and to save time, pre-book your parking online. We automatically calculate the best price available based on how far in advance you book, your length of stay, parking location, and other factors, to ensure you always get the best price available.



Alternatively, see below for drive-up prices.

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P1, P2, and P3 are at the terminal. Blu Emu is on Ross Smith Avenue, a 15 minute shuttle ride within the airport.

Domestic parking overview

P1, P2 and P3 overview

P1 and P2 parking rates

Time Drive-up rate Online rate
0 to 30 min $8.00 Get a quote
30 to 60 min $16.00
1 to 2 hrs $24.50
2 to 3 hrs $33.00
3 to 24hrs $58.50

P3 parking rates

Time Drive-up rate Online rate
Daily rate $45.00 Get a quote

Minimum 1 day charge applies. Each additional 24 hour period or part thereof is $45.

Blu Emu parking rates

Time Drive-up rate Online rate
1 Day $30 Get a quote
2 Days $60
3 Days $73
4 Days $89
5 Days $105
6 days $120

Time Drive-up rate Online rate
7 to 14 days +$15 per day Get a quote
15 days or more +$10 per day


Height Restrictions

P1: 2.1m
P2: 2.1m
Bridge link between P1 and P2: 1.98m
P3: 2.3m

Dropping off passengers

If you are picking up passengers, you should use the car parks if possible.

Alternatively, you can drop off passengers on the departures level, but you must not stop for more than two minutes and the driver must not leave the vehicle.

If you are dropping off a passenger with a disability on the departures level, a five minute time limit applies, but you must park within the signed disabled passenger drop off points.

If you do not follow these restrictions, or directions of kerbside staff, you may be issued with a Parking Infringement Notice.

If you would like to take more time to farewell passengers, please use one of the car parks.

Picking up passengers

If you are picking up passengers, you should use the car parks if possible.

Alternatively, an Express Pick-up zone is available near the domestic terminals. Vehicles that are picking up passengers may stay within this area for up to 10 minutes for free.

If you stay longer than 10 minutes or park outside the designated Express Pick-up zone you must pay normal drive-up parking rates.

Valet parking

There are several options for valet parking at the domestic terminals.

Accessible parking

Parking for the mobility impaired is provided within all public car parks at Sydney Airport, located as close as possible to the terminals. More information on accessible parking.

For more information about parking at Sydney Airport, go to the Help page.

View the parking terms and conditions.