6:11 AM, 10°C SHOWER OR TWO. Sat 28 May 2016(SYDNEY TIME)

Sydney Airport is currently under single runway operations due to high winds, which is likely to impact flights throughout the day. Travellers are please advised to check with their airline for status updates.

Dropping Off and Picking Up


Parking restrictions

Many of the roads at Sydney Airport are designated ‘No Stopping’ areas unless otherwise signed. Parking is not permitted anywhere unless it is signed as a parking area. Public parking is available at both the International (T1) and domestic terminals (T2 and T3).

Dropping off passengers

Domestic (T2 and T3) and International (T1) terminals

You are permitted to drop off passengers on the departures level at both the international and domestic terminals. Picking up passengers on the departures roadway is not permitted.

Restrictions: You may only stop in these areas to drop off passengers. You must stop for no more than two minutes. Due to security restrictions, you are not permitted to leave your vehicle under any circumstances.

We also provide clearly signed disabled passenger drop off points on the departures roadways. Again drivers must remain with the vehicle at all times. If assistance is required, we recommend an additional person attend to assist while the driver remains with the car. A five-minute restriction applies in these areas.

Designated disabled parking spots are also available throughout the domestic car park in positions closest to the terminal or lift areas.

New passenger pick-up arrangements at T2/T3 Domestic from 19 July 2016

Sydney Airport will introduce new arrangements for motorists picking up passengers at the T2/T3 Domestic precinct to provide greater choice, more space and improved convenience. 
The new pick-up arrangements will be introduced on Tuesday, 19 July.

Free Express Pick-Up Zone
A new, expanded Express Pick-Up zone will be located in the P3 under cover, multi-storey car park.
Free parking will be available for 15 minutes. 

Priority Pick-Up Zone 
A new Priority Pick-Up zone will be available for private motorists, pre-booked taxis and ridesharing services such as UberX and GoCar.
Priority Pick-Up will be located opposite the T2 and T3 terminals for a fee of $4 for 15 minutes, with convenient payment via your existing eTag. 

Kerbside Pick-Up Zone
Limousine drivers registered with Sydney Airport will continue to pick up passengers from the Kerbside Pick-Up zone located directly outside the T2 and T3 terminals.

Blu Emu Car Park Pick-Up
From 19 July, Blu Emu Car Park will offer one hour of free parking. Blu Emu is accessed via a free, direct shuttle bus service, dropping off and picking up outside the T2 and T3 terminals, with 13 bus stops conveniently located inside the Blu Emu Car Park.

Other Parking Options
Sydney Airport continues to offer a wide range of car parking options available at the airport for customers who wish to park and stay longer, including savings for customers who pre-book their parking online. 

Taxis, buses and trains 
There will be no change to arrangements to the taxi ranks directly outside the terminals or accessible pick-up spaces at T2/T3. There is also no change to express pick-up at T1.
There will be no change to arrangements for access to bus and train services across the airport.

Accessible Pick-Up
The existing accessible pick-up spaces on the Arrivals level outside T2 and T3 will remain unchanged.

Drop-offs at Terminals T2/T3
Under the new pick-up arrangements, there will be no change to drop-offs on the Departures level of terminals T2 and T3.

International Terminal (T1)

Sydney Airport provides 15 minutes free parking for arriving and departing passengers at the International T1 terminal. The designated pick-up area is within the International car park. If you are picking up arriving passengers at T1, proceed to the International Car Park and follow the yellow ‘Express Pick-up’ signs to the 15 minute free area. Drivers that stay beyond the free 15 minutes pay normal parking rates.

A map of the car park indicating the pick-up area is available here. T1 International Terminal Pick-Up Zone Map

Within the 15 minute pick up area, there are designated two-minute pick-up and drop-off bays. Drivers parking in these bays must remain with their vehicle. Drivers cannot park in these bays for more than two minutes.

Important note: It is not permitted to collect passengers from the Departures or Arrivals roadways at any time. Attempting to pick up passengers outside of the designated area may result in a Parking Infringement Notice being issued.

Parking regulations

All parking infringements issued at Sydney Airport are issued under the authority of the Australian Government’s Airports Control of On-Airport Activities Regulations 1997.

For more information and frequently asked questions regarding parking at Sydney Airport, go to our Parking FAQ page