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Luggage Services


Trolley service

If you are departing Sydney, trolleys are available from the trolley bays located on the departures roadway and within the car park. The trolleys are dispensed at a fee of AU$4.00.Note:The dispensing machines only accept credit cards or gold coins.

Smaller trolleys for hand luggage are available free of charge once you have passed through immigration (passengers only).

If you are arriving into Sydney complimentary luggage trolleys are available in the baggage reclaim halls.

Luggage storage service: Baggage Storage™ by Smarte Carte

If you need particular baggage services including the storing of any items at Sydney Airport visit Smarte Carte Baggage Storage. Smarte Carte provides baggage storage, bag strapping, bag weighing, online visa applications, printing and faxing services all at one location.

Smarte Carte is located towards the southern end of the Arrivals level at International Terminal (T1), opposite Blooming Trails (florist). They are also located in the baggage claim area at T2 Domestic Terminal.

Please visit www.baggagestorage.com.au for more information or contact Smarte Carte Baggage Storage on +61 2 9667 0926 or by email at sydney@baggagestorage.com.au.

  Smart Carte Baggage Storage Rates (198 kB)

Bag strapping service

Sydney Airport provides an optional baggage protection service in the form of secure strapping to provide additional security for passengers travelling overseas. Straps are heat sealed and are applied by machine so that any interference with the bag can be easily detected.

This service is operated by Smarte Carte and TrueStar and is available in the International Terminal (T1) on the departures level opposite check-in counter D (TrueStar) and on the arrivals level (Smarte Carte). A small fee is charged per item.

Shrink wrapping service

Alternative to bag strapping service, Sydney Airport provides further optional baggage protection by the use of shrink warp. This service is offered by TrueStar, the worldwide leader in the luggage wrapping service. TueStar protect your belongings with a non-toxic and fully recyclable film and provide a luggage weighing service. 

TrueStar are located in the International Terminal (T1) on the departures level opposite check-in counters D and H. A small fee is charged per item.

Lost property services

For lost property information visit our Lost property page.