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Airport Emergency Procedures (AEP)


Sydney Airport maintains an airport emergency plan in accordance with Intenational Civil Aviation Organisation and Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority regulations and standards. The AEP is accessible via a secure website to airlines and emergency services only.

Airlines and emergency services must provide the following information to Sydney Airport’s Emergency Management department at emergency@syd.com.au

A member of the Emergency Management team will contact you via email with a password and login procedures to the site*.

* The AEP is a RESTRICTED document and access is granted only on a "need to know" basis. Sydney Airport reserves all rights to provide or restrict access to the secure AEP site at its sole discretion.

You must provide the following details:

  1. Company name
  2. Name of representative/s who is/are responsible for ensuring compliance with the AEP
  3. Postal address
  4. Contact details including e-mail addresses and phone numbers