6:37 PM, 14°C PARTLY CLOUDY. Mon 03 Aug 2015(SYDNEY TIME)

Monday, 3rd of August 2015 | Due to industrial action, international travellers should arrive early and allow plenty of time to go through customs. 

Non-Scheduled Airline Operators


For all non-scheduled charter, passenger or freight operations exceeding 50,000 Kgs (MTOW), specific aerocharge payment procedures now apply. All operators are subject to the terms, conditions and charges contained in the Sydney Airport Conditions of Use

To obtain further details and/or give notice of intended movement(s), please make early contact by: 

Email  flightschedule@syd.com.au
Phone  +61 2 9667 9111
Fax  +61 2 9667 9541

For general flight information please click here.