Standard operating procedures


1. General obligations

The Licensee must:

  1. complete all registration requirements set out on Sydney Airport’s web based registration site at blrs.sydneyairport.com.au (or later equivalents) including those relating to the Licensee’s business, e-tags and vehicles;
  2. not access Loading Zones at Sydney Airport unless the Licensee has obtained approval to do so;
  3. use electronic tags valid on NSW roads and registered with Sydney Airport to access Loading Zones at Sydney Airport;
  4. enter the Loading Zones for the collection of pre-booked passengers only after the passenger’s flight has landed;
  5. not use Loading Zones when not collecting pre-booked passengers;
  6. use vehicle holding areas when at Sydney Airport and not collecting pre-booked passengers; and
  7. comply with all signs, conditions of entry, rules, requirements for accreditation and laws.

2. Loading Zone access points

The operating procedure at Loading Zone access points is as follows:

  1. An electronic tag reader is mounted at the entry and exit access points to Loading Zones.
  2. The Licensee may approach the Loading Zone boom gate access point for entry or exit of the Loading Zone.
  3. The boom gates will only open for entry and exit of a Loading Zone if a valid electronic tag is read and accepted by the electronic tag reader;
  4. The Licensee is responsible for ensuring that the electronic tag can be read by the electronic tag reader on entry and exit, is registered with Sydney Airport, has sufficient funds and meets all other requirements for acceptance;
  5. The boom gates may not open if:
    • the electronic tag cannot be read;
    • the electronic tag is not registered with Sydney Airport;
    • there are not sufficient funds in the electronic tag account; or
    • any other requirements for acceptance are not met (including black listing).
  6. The Licensee must load passengers promptly and proceed to the Loading Zone exit point boom gates where the electronic tag reader will detect the electronic tag.
  7. The Licensee must not tailgate or otherwise act improperly.
  8. If the Licensee experiences any difficulties using the Loading Zones the Licensee may use the intercoms provided at the Loading Zone access points.

3. Operating efficiently

The Licensee acknowledges that Loading Zones are common use facilities that require the cooperation of all users in order to operate efficiently. Accordingly, the Licensee must:

  1. to take all necessary steps to ensure the efficient operation of the Licensee’s activities while at Sydney Airport;
  2. to check flight information displays and respond accordingly to any changes in pre-booked passenger’s flights;
  3. not to leave vehicles unattended at terminal frontages at any time;
  4. to act professionally and courteously in all dealings at Sydney Airport;
  5. to deal cooperatively with Sydney Airport’s staff, contractors and kerbside enforcement officers;
  6. to comply with any reasonable requests of Sydney Airport’s staff, contractors and kerbside enforcement officers in relation to traffic, access and parking.