Sydney Airport launches flexology centre in Australian airport first

18 June 2018

  • Sydney Airport unveils flexology centre at T1 International terminal
  • Partnership formed with Stretch Studio to provide passengers with one-on-one stretching for optimal in-flight health and wellbeing

Passengers will board their flights in a deeper state of relaxation following Sydney Airport’s unveiling of a new flexology centre at the T1 International terminal in partnership with Stretch Studio.

Designed to enhance mobility and wellbeing through assisted stretching, Stretch Studio provides passengers with a unique opportunity to undertake a personalised session with a flexologist before boarding.

Flexologists employ a range of techniques to prevent stiffness and soreness from extended flight times. Making use of gentle pressure on limbs and holding stretches, flexologists work to lengthen muscle fibres, increasing blood circulation, decreasing the risk of cramps and deep vein thrombosis, and aiding pre-flight anxiety by releasing endorphins into the body.

General Manager Retail Sydney Airport Glyn Williams said the new Stretch Studio was the perfect concept for passengers travelling long distances, with many international flights in the air for more than 10 hours.

“We’re very pleased to welcome Stretch Studio to T1, which offers a unique and convenient way for customers to feel physically and mentally more relaxed before they board,” Mr Williams said.

Stretch Studio Director Yaron Remen is excited to join Sydney Airport in the brand’s first airport venture.

“I’m thrilled to bring Stretch Studio into Sydney Airport’s T1 International terminal. Everyone who travels long distances on an aircraft knows that whether you’re in first class or economy, stretching before a flight is very beneficial,” Stretch Studio Director Yaron Remen said.

“You can only get so far stretching yourself and it can be challenging to stretch alone. Our certified flexologists know when and how much to push, leading to a deeper stretch that will increase flexibility.”

The new health offering will complement Sydney Airport’s health and wellbeing portfolio which includes a Lorna Jane Active Living Room at T2 Domestic with a dedicated yoga room.

Stretch Studio is located at the T1 International terminal beyond security.