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A major employer and economic driver

International trade and air routes are vital to Australia’s continued national prosperity. Airports are an essential part of the transport networks on which all successful modern economies rely.

Sydney Airport is one of Australia’s single most important pieces of infrastructure and is a major generator of jobs and economic growth. A recent study by Deloitte Access Economics found that the airport generates or facilitates:

  • Direct and indirect employment of 283,700 jobs (equivalent to 8% of NSW employment), including 160,000 direct jobs (28,000 directly on airport)
  • Direct and indirect economic contribution of $27.6 billion (equivalent to 6% of the NSW economy and 2% of the Australian economy)

It is forecast that the economic activity generated or facilitated by the airport will increase to over $42 billion in 2033 and total employment will increase to over 400,000 by 2033.