Master Plan 2039

Master Plan 2039 outlines the strategic direction for Sydney Airport’s development over the next 20 years. It was prepared following comprehensive engagement and ongoing consultation with airlines, other members of the aviation industry, Australian and NSW Government agencies, local government, the tourism industry, the business sector and the local community.

Sydney Airport is a vital infrastructure asset that generates over $38 billion in economic activity every year for NSW and Australia. It also generates or facilitates more than 30,900 jobs on airport and 338,500 Full-time equivalent jobs across NSW and Australia.

Master Plan 2039 acknowledges that continued growth of Sydney Airport is vital to achieving our local, state and national employment, tourism and development objectives. Some of the key features of Master Plan 2039 include:

  • How we will accommodate the forecasted 51 per cent increase in passenger numbers to 65.6 million over the planning period;
  • Our approach to sustainability into the planning and design for future Sydney Airport expansion;
  • Sydney Airport's strategy to mitigate the impact of aircraft noise;
  • How we will maintain our focus on safety and security, enhance the capacity and efficiency of the airport, and deliver continually improving passenger, community and environmental outcomes
  • Our plan to respond quickly to economic or aviation industry change;
  • Details of our proposed improvements to the airfield, aviation facilities, terminals and infrastructure;
  • How we are improving road network performance in and around Sydney Airport in our Five-Year Ground Transport Plan and 20-Year Ground Transport Strategy;
  • How the Five-Year Environment Strategy will reduce the carbon footprint of the airport, ensure it is resilient to climate change, conserve significant items of natural, indigenous or heritage value and protect environmentally significant areas.

Master Plan 2039 is now off of public exhibition. We are currently considering all submissions that we received during the consultation period.