Standard trading terms

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This is the contract under which (subject to any variation agreed in writing) the Seller supplies Goods to SACL. Each time the Seller accepts an Order for Goods from SACL, then the Seller accepts these conditions of purchase.

  1. In these conditions of purchase:

a. Conditions means these conditions of purchase, which form the contract between SACL and the Seller for the supply of Goods.

b. Goods means the goods described in an Order.

c. Order means an order for Goods:

  • made by a representative of SACL to the Seller; and
  • accepted by a representative of the Seller, either orally or in writing.

d. Price means the price for the Goods (including delivery) agreed between SACL and the Seller, being:

  • the price described in the Order; or
  • if no price is described in the Order, then the price set out in the most recent schedule of prices agreed between SACL and the Seller.

e. SACL means Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (ABN 62 082 578 809).

f. Seller means the person or company to whom the Order is directed and who will supply the Goods to SACL.

  1. The Seller agrees that:

a. an Order is an offer by SACL to the Seller to purchase the Goods in accordance with the Order whether signed on behalf of SACL or not; and

b. if the Seller supplies the Goods to SACL, it does so on the terms set out in these Conditions, unless otherwise agreed in writing by SACL.

  1. The Seller must supply the Goods to SACL:

a. in accordance with the description;

b. in the quantity;

c. at the Price; and

d. by the time (which time is of the essence)

e. in a fit and proper condition, as described in the Order.

  1. When supplying the Goods to SACL, the Seller must:

a. ensure that all invoices and packing slips and all other correspondence relating to the Order must show a SACL purchase order number as printed on the Order or as otherwise notified by a representative of SACL to the seller. SACL is unable to acknowledge receipt of the goods nor process payment of the goods unless the purchase order number is included in the documentation issued by the seller in relation to the Goods. The seller acknowledges that Invoices which do not quote the purchase order number will be returned to the Seller for insertion of the required information;

b. show the name of the SACL representative who made the Order on any invoice, packing slip or correspondence relating to the Order;

c. deliver the Goods to that representative at the address requested by SACL in its Order, or to such other person as that SACL representative directs; and

d. ensure that the Goods are properly packed for delivery.

  1. For each Order, SACL will inform the Seller whether it accepts the Goods, after SACL has had an opportunity to inspect the Goods supplied.

  2. If the Seller does not supply the Goods in accordance with clauses 3 & 4 of these Conditions, then SACL may, at its complete discretion:

a. accept the Goods, if SACL informs the Seller that it will do so; or

b. refuse to accept the Goods, in which case:

  • SACL will inform the Seller to collect the Goods from it; and
  • the Seller must do so immediately, at the Seller’s cost.
  1. If:

a. the Seller has supplied the Goods in accordance with the Order;

b. SACL accepts the Goods; and

c. the Seller has issued a valid tax invoice to SACL which reflects the terms of the Order and includes SACL’s purchase order number, SACL will pay the Seller the Price by electronic funds transfer by the end of the month following the month in which SACL receives the valid tax invoice from the Seller in accordance with paragraph 7(c).

  1. The Price for all Goods supplied under an Order is inclusive of GST.

  2. The Seller:

a. warrants that the supply of the Goods to SACL will not infringe any patent, copyright, trade secret or other rights, whether proprietary, contractual or equitable, of any third party, in Australia or elsewhere; and

b. indemnifies SACL for any loss, damage, cost, liability or expense arising out of any breach or claimed breach of this warranty.

  1. The Seller must not, without the prior written consent of SACL, disclose to anyone else (including by way of advertising) the existence or details of any Order, unless that disclosure is reasonably necessary to enable the Seller to supply the Goods to SACL.

  2. These Conditions, and any Order made pursuant to them, are governed by the laws of New South Wales.