Airport Planning Approvals


If building or developing land within Sydney Airport, the Sydney Airport Planning Team provides front-end development and building information.  Contact our Planning Approvals Coordinators by phone or email prior to formal submission of an application - see contact details below.  Prior consultation will ensure that all applicants are equipped with up to date and relevant information for the lodgement of an accurate and complete submission.

All applications for Development Approval, SYD Consents and Amended Applications should be made using the updated Sydney Airport application form (link below).

The Corporation is subject to the provisions of the Airports Act 1996 and related regulations. Under the Airports (Building Control) Regulations, a Building Approval is required from the Airport Building Controller (ABC) and written consent is necessary from Sydney Airport prior to construction works at Sydney Airport proceeding.

The Applicant must submit to Sydney Airport one of the following:

  • Development Application (DA) / Application for SYD Consent (SC) / Amended Application (AA) all to be accompanied by plans, specifications, data and fees

The Applicant must also submit to the Airport Building Controller (ABC) - see contact details below

  • A Building Application (for one only of a Works Permit, Building Permit, or Demolition Authority) with plans, specifications, and fees.

Application to Sydney Airport

The submission must include a completed application form, fee payment, scope of works, specifications and drawings in Microstation (.dgn), pdf and hardcopy formats.

  SYD Consent Application Form and Fee Schedule (1.5MB)  

To assist the submission process, relevant Sydney Airport Guidelines are listed below:

 Fact Sheet for Environmental Impact Assessment of Developments at Sydney Airport (316KB)

Bird Hazard Management Guidelines for future works at Sydney Airport -  TBA     

 SYD Approval Process Flowchart (66KB)

The SYD Spatial Information Services Department requires drawings in Microstation (.dgn) files on DVD or USB. The documents immediately below are over 100 pages in length and should be read by CADD Operators preparing the data.

 Empty Architectural Microstation Seedfile (12kB) Architectural (sydseedarc.dgn) where the units of measurement are in millimetres. File is an empty microstation file but is setup on Sydney Airport’s Coordinate System (MGA’94) and has the Aerodrome Datum Point as the Global Origin of the file with coordinates; Architectural - E. 331542904.00, N. 6242334670.00

 Empty Civil Microstation Seedfile (4kB) Civil (sydseedciv.dgn) where the units of measurement are in metres. File is an empty microstation file but is setup on Sydney Airport’s Coordinate System (MGA’94) and has the Aerodrome Datum Point as the Global Origin of the file with coordinates; Civil - E. 331542.904, N. 6242334.670

 CADD Manual for Data Exchange Vol 0 - Covering Pages (50kB)

 CADD Manual for Data Exchange Vol 1 - Brief for Surveyors (70kB)

 CADD Manual for Data Exchange Vol 2 - External Survey and Services (50kB)

 CADD Manual for Data Exchange Vol 3 - Airport Lighting (21kB) 

 CADD Manual for Data Exchange Vol 4 - Building Services (65kB)

The completed application package should be forwarded to one of the SYD Planning Approvals Coordinators (Sydney Airport Planning Approvals):

Meriam Michael - Phone: +61 2 9667 6196

Liz Atton - Phone: +61 2 9667 9207

Tom Allen - Phone: +61 2 9667 9241

Sheree Borg - Phone: +61 2 9667 9270

Email Address: planning.approvals@syd.com.au

Delivery Address: Central Terrace Building, 10 Arrivals Court, Sydney International Airport NSW 2020

(Opposite the International Terminal)

* Deliver 8:30 am - 5:00 pm.

Postal Address: Locked Bag 5000, Sydney International Airport NSW 2020

Application to the Airport Building Controller (ABC)

Airport Building Controller, Level 1, AQIS Building, 1 Crewe Place, Rosebery NSW 2018

For further information contact the Airport Building Controllers, Trevor Dartnell, phone +61 2 8344 3113 or Steve Glanville, phone +61 2 8344 3114. Visit the ABC’s website for the Frequently Asked Questions and Contact List

Please ensure that the drawings submitted to the ABC and Sydney Airport are consistent and have the same revision numbers, otherwise the Approval will be delayed.