T1 International precinct

Getting to and from the airport should be easy – no matter what mode of transport you choose. We’re improving the road network in the airport precinct to smooth traffic flows and ease congestion.

Improving our road network

We’ve recently completed a range of road improvements at our T1 International precinct. Since 2013, we’ve:

  • widened public drop off lanes and created a separate drop off zone for buses
  • created a new road entry and exit for the T1 International precinct
  • created a new Centre Road to improve traffic conditions in and around the precinct
  • relocated entry and exit gates to reduce traffic queuing
  • widened roads to increase road capacity

Making parking easier

We’ve made improvements to our P7 and P9 car parks to make them easier to access. We’ve also introduced a purpose-built Express pick-up zone, providing free parking for 15 minutes if you’re picking up passengers. This is a fast and convenient way to greet your traveller, who can wait in the covered area alongside the zone if you’re running a little late. If you’re picking someone up from the Express zone, please make sure you stay with your car at all times.

Centre Road AFTER