Sydney Airport is one of Australia’s most important pieces of infrastructure. It is our international gateway and an essential part of our transport network, connecting to more than 90 destinations around the world.

Prior to COVID, Sydney Airport welcomed more than 44 million passengers annually, generated more than $42 billion in economic activity, equivalent to nearly 7% of NSW’s Gross State Product, and directly and indirectly supported 336,000 jobs.

Sydney Airport is located only 8 kilometres from the city centre and less than 10 kilometres from major tourist attractions. The convenience of our location has benefits for both business and tourism and is a major strength that will help to underpin Sydney’s future prosperity.

Sydney Airport is owned and operated by Sydney Airport Corporation Limited (SACL). SACL is ultimately owned by the following institutional investors.

Institutional InvestorsPercentages
IFM Global Infrastructure Fund18.00%
IFM Australian Infrastructure Fund14.99%
Australian Retirement Trust7.50%
Global Infrastructure Partners and managed or advised funds and clients37.00%