Belonging and Inclusion
Belonging and Inclusion

Every year millions of passengers from all corners of the globe and all walks of life pass through our terminals.

From the family heading off on their first overseas adventure, friends welcoming each other home, new connections and old, business won and lost, and a myriad of new opportunities, our airport is a true melting pot of diversity.

Within our business, we see our team, our culture and the differences we bring to work as fundamental to delivering outstanding outcomes, no matter the context.

From our foundational Diversity and Inclusion strategy that started in 2019, we see the evolution to belonging and inclusion as an opportunity to better reflect the society in which we operate.

This action plan was developed in conjunction with our people and reflects what’s most important to them and what truly makes our business a great place to work. It is not only about living our Values and doing the right thing. It’s about recognising that when our people do well, SYD does well – for our customers, for our partners and for the community.

Gender Pay Gap

Central to our Belonging and Inclusion Action Plan is our commitment to gender equity, including 'pay equity'.

In 2022-2023, SYD has identified a gender pay gap of 8%. While there is no gender pay gap at SYD in ‘like to like’ roles, we are committed to eliminating our overall pay gap which is being driven by the following factors:

  • Changes in the ratio of men to women across our Senior Leadership Team in the previous 12 months;
  • More men than women in senior roles that have higher variable remuneration arrangements, and;
  • The under-representation of women in traditionally male dominated professional segments.

Key actions underway to address gender equity across SYD are highlighted in our Gender Pay Gap Statement.

For more information on what we're doing to close the gap, view or download our statement below.