Caring for our biodiversity

Amid the hustle and bustle of Australia’s busiest airport are environmental areas with unique biodiversity.

The Sydney Airport Wetlands are part of the greater Botany Wetlands, and are home to a diverse number of bird and fish species. The wetlands and are also listed as environmentally significant areas under the Airports Act 1996 and the Federal Directory of Important Wetlands. In addition, exposed sand at the end of the main north-south runway provides a potential nesting habitat for the little tern.

Recent significant achievements

In recent years, we've:

  • enhanced the Sydney Airport Wetlands through native fish (Australian bass) stocking, exotic fish (carp) removal and aquatic weed eradication. The Engine Pond East includes a fish ladder to allow movement of native fish from Botany Bay upstream into the wetlands
  • conducted a comprehensive ecological assessment of the airport, including terrestrial and aquatic habitat within the airport site and marine habitat within Botany Bay adjacent to the airport runways
  • completed annual surveys for the threatened green and golden bell frog, of which none were found
  • offered grants of up to $5,000 to schools in nearby suburbs for environmental and educational initiatives. Many schools have used these grants to improve their gardens or environmental areas
  • carried out periodic feral animal control for species such as rabbits and foxes

Future directions

We're committed to:

  • undertaking additional field surveys for the green and golden bell frog and other wildlife, such as birds and bats
  • leading the Sydney Airport committee which manages wildlife at the airport, particularly species which present a risk to aircraft safety
  • continuing the wetlands enhancement program, including ensuring the biological resources and values for the wetlands are preserved or improved